Dr. Robert Mullen

Creator and facilitator of ReChannelingTM , Dr. Mullen holds a doctorate in Comparative Studies with a concentration in morality and behavior. Readers access Dr. Mullen’s published  articles in over 40 countries. His most recent contribution, “How an Honorable Psychobiography Embraces the Fluidity of Truth” from New Trends in Psychobiography is due out this fall from Springer Publishing. Dr. Mullen’s dissertation was on advanced human potential ― the capacity that resides within all of us to harness that special aptitude for extraordinary living, the inherent capacity to lift the human spirit. He facilitates online and classroom workshops and seminars on positive motivation and the modification of neuroses. He presents before numerous academic organizations, reviews scholarly works for the American Psychological Association, mentors cognitive behavioral workshops, and lectures about ReChanneling at every opportunity. His upcoming book highlights his extensive work with behavioral addiction ― ReChanneling moral turpitude into positive self-affirmation

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